Should animals be given more rights, to live and not suffer?


Cruelty to Animals

Finally, we must take into account the number of animals, pets, cruelly treated or neglected by their owners.

Although we in Britain are reputed to be 'a nation of animal lovers' we can also be extremely cruel to our pets.

The RSPCA and other animal welfare organisations are called upon to deal with thousands upon thousands of direct cases of cruelty each year.

Pets turned loose when the family goes away on holiday, unwanted puppies or kittens placed in sacks and left on roadsides or in ponds and rivers, animals starved or beaten for no reason - all these form part of a sad list of cases.

Whereas some animals may be starved to death, another form of cruelty is over-feeding. Of course, the people who stuff their pets full of all the wrong foods (sweets, chocolate, cakes etc.) do this out of kindness - and yet the end result is cruelty in that the animal becomes overweight and suffers diseases which humans who overeat suffer.

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