Conserving wildlife and their habitats


Methods of Conservation

By law 
Giving protection to animals and plant species or special areas of land or water.

To restore unsightly countryside (e.g. waste tips and slag heaps etc.).

Allowing areas to restore themselves naturally without interference by humans (except possible species reintroduction)

Alternative Energy 
A need to find alternative resources to replace coal and oil etc.

Nature Reserves and Zoos
Of special value in preserving rare animal species.

Reprocessing of unwanted products (e.g. newspapers, scrap metals, glass and sewage etc.). 

Making more people aware of the need to protect and preserve the environment through schools, youth organizations and the media.

These are just a few point to get you thinking about conservation and the part you can play in preserving and protecting some of the truly marvelous things we still have left in the world today - but which we may lose 'tomorrow' unless more people take an interest in them.

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