Lots of people like to wear the very latest fashions, but what impact do our choices of clothes have on the planet?


What do we Mean by Fast Fashion?

The fashion industry wants people to buy as many new things as possible, so new clothes are advertised as fashionable, whilst older clothes are ‘out of fashion’ and people keep wanting to buy new, different ones!   This can apply to any clothes from the new football strip produced by a team each season, to the outfits that people choose to wear to a party, or the type of trainers that are currently popular. 

People enjoy having new clothes to wear and they like to be able to buy things cheaply. Many of the clothes sold in the UK have been produced for very little money in other countries, where people are paid far lower wages. Clothes can now be bought new, for so little money that people often don’t even keep them for very long, but instead throw things away and buy new clothes, a term known as ‘fast fashion’

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