Emperor penguins are very sociable creatures and live in colonies of anything from five hundred to twenty thousand pairs of penguins. It is very rare to find an emperor penguin living outside Antarctica. 


Happy Feet

What do you call a penguin on a beach in New Zealand?  Lost!  In June 2011 a 10 month old emperor penguin named Happy Feet found itself on a beach in New Zealand.  76 days after he arrived on a beach in New Zealand ‘Happy Feet’ was returned to the sea on Sunday 4th September to find his home.

Only 10 months old, Happy Feet became quite a celebrity across the world as the first emperor penguin spotted in New Zealand for 44 years.  A whopping 3000km (2000 miles) from his home in Antarctica no-one knows how he ended up so far off course, though some suggest he may have been picked up accidently by fishermen.

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