Pollution is a word that we are all aware of these days. What does it mean exactly? 


What can be Done About Pollution?

We can't just sit back and hope somebody else does something about pollution. Think about and make a list of all the things that you can do to help... Here are some ideas to reduce waste:

Don't use any more packaging than you have to. Re-use carrier bags - don't just throw them away. Recycle what you can - bottles, cans, papers and clothes. Make a compost heap to get rid of organic waste like vegetable peelings.


Choose a major pollution disaster - such as the oil spill from the Prestige or perhaps something you know of affecting your local environment. See how much you can find out about it. What are its effects on wildlife? Are its effects over now or will there be problems for a long time to come?


Investigate your own environment. Are there any signs of pollution where you live? Is anyone doing anything about it? If they are not perhaps you can! If you find, for example a litter problem or a lifeless pond then complain (politely of course!) to your local council. Remember to back up your complaint with good accurate information and photographs if you can.

Find Out!

Are the governments of the world introducing laws to control pollution levels? Are industries attempting to recycle their waste? Look at each type of pollution in turn and try and find out what is being done to try and reduce it.


Nature efficiently recycles its own waste - dead plant and animal material. This involves a process known as "decomposition". How does decomposition work? What does "biodegradable" mean?

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