If something is sustainable it should last forever.  To sustain something is to keep and support it for the future.


About Sustainability

solar panel © Living off the Grid CC by 2.0Sustainable living is living in a way in which we can continue to do so, as if we are going to live forever.  Currently, if everyone in the world lived like the average Briton we would need three planet earths!

To support and sustain our world we need to keep it as healthy as possible by protecting and sustaining wildlife, plants, ecosystems and habitats because all these things are connected and they each need each other for support.  After all, animals wouldn’t survive without the right habitat, and a habitat wouldn’t be the same without the animals!  

Here’s a great rule to help understand what sustainability is about -

‘Leave the world better than you found it, take no more than you need, try not to harm life or the environment, make amends if you do.’

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