Whales are warm-blooded mammals and the largest creatures on earth. The magnificent blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived on this planet. It weighs more than 2,000 people!


Whale Facts

- Whales can communicate with each other by creating a series of high pitched noises which sound like singing, and can be heard in open waters more than 200 miles away!   

- Whales travel in herds, often migrating year after year to the same areas.   

- Whales normally "cruise" at about 6 knots - twice as fast as a person usually walks. They are capable, in short bursts, of speeds up to 15 - 20 knots and have been known to keep pace with large ocean liners.   

- The brain of an adult sperm whale may weigh up to 9kg - the largest of any animal. Part of the brain where thought processes take place is highly developed. It has yet to be proved whether or not this means that whales are intelligent, but there is no doubt that these complicated brains are used for complex communication.   

- Whales are air-breathing and can dive to thousands of metres. Their blowhole (or blowholes as the case may be) is on the top of or left-hand side of the head. Breath is emitted under considerable pressure, sometimes reaching heights of 7 metres. Individual species of whales can be recognised by their characteristic blow.

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