With around 250 species of bee living here in the UK, these key pollinators make a huge impact on our lives - even if we don't always realise it!  This suite of 6 lesson plans is aimed at Key Stage 2, but is readily adaptable for Key Stages 1 and 3. Along with a PowerPoint presentation filled with fantastic images, there is an extensive set of teacher's notes, which contain not only in-depth information, but also suggested starter and follow-up activities.  It covers the following topics:

  • Why are bees so important?
  • What are bumblebees?
  • What are honey bees?
  • What are solitary bees?
  • Why are bees declining?
  • What can we do to help bees?

Photo by happymillerman

Download Lesson Plan & Presentation (63.7 MB)

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