Lots of sunshine and wind on Easter Monday, coupled with a lower demand for energy meant that nearly 80% of Britain's power was being supplied by zero carbon energy.

The National Grid Electricity System Operator has reported that at 1300BST on Easter Monday, each unit of energy consumed created just 39g of carbon emissions.  Renewables made up most of the enrgy mix, with 39% of energy being supplied by wind power, 21% from solar and 16% from nuclear (not renewable, but zero carbon).
The previous green record for energy was set on 24 May 2020.  Christmas Day 2020 was the first ever Christmas when no coal was burned in our power stations to create electricity.  National Grid ESO is hoping to be operating the electricity system carbon-free by 2025.
Emissions caused in homes by central heating and hot water systems, and from road transport and farming remain very high.  So whilst we're making huge strides in cleaning up our electricity supply, we still have a long way to go on the journey to zero carbon.

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