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On 2 December 2014, we travelled with eight young people to the European Parliament in Brussels. They were the winners of 'Have Your Say On Sustainability', Eurostar and YPTE's competition that challenges 11-18 year-olds to make videos on the environmental issues that really concern them.

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The judging for Eurostar and YPTE's 'Have Your Say On Sustainability' video making competition has now been completed. We received lots of brilliant videos made by young people aged 11-18. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be showing you not only the winners' videos, but also the ones that we thought were brilliant, but that we couldn't give a prize to, because we only had space (and prizes!) for three winning entries!

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Aged 11-18? This half term, why not Have Your Say on Sustainability! All you need to do is tell us about an environmental issue that you really care about by making a short film about it. You can talk to your phone, tablet or laptop's camera, you could create a documentary, write and sing us a song or create a a short drama. You can get together with some friends, as we accept entries from groups of up to four people.

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Yesterday (21 October 2014) the UK's wind farms generated more electricity than our nuclear power stations. Wind made up 14.2% of all electricity generated, overtaking nuclear power's 13.2%. Meanwhile on 18 October, our wind turbines generated a record 6,372MW of electricity - more than ever before and actually almost 20% of the UK's electricity needs on that day.

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