Team - Abigail Turner

Abby is a sixth form student at Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith. She currently taking Geography, Maths and Biology for A Level, and is planning to read Geography at university. Abby has always been passionate about environmental issues, especially through the lens of sustainable development. Recently she wrote her EPQ on the increased global population, and much of this focused on the pressure that this growth will place on the environment, and how this can be addressed.

In addition to her A Level studies, she is also running Geography Society at her school, where she is able to give talks to girls in the younger years. Recently she gave one on the sustainable development of Rio, which included looking at the effects that urban expansion has had on the environment.

Abby hopes that becoming involved with YPTE will help increase her own and other people's knowledge of environmental issues. 

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