Team - Annabel Webb

Annabel is currently in the lower sixth studying A levels at the British School of Paris, after completing her GCSEs at Reigate Grammar School in Surrey. She has chosen to study Economics, Mathematics and French at A level, supplemented by an extended project qualification. She aspires to study social and political sciences or international relations at university in England and to use this degree course to build links to environmental sustainability, hopefully enabling her to work towards a greener world in the future.

Being lucky enough to have travelled to amazing places such as Thailand, Iceland, and Canada, she has seen first-hand very different natural landscapes and has a great appreciation for the nature and wildlife which so desperately need protecting. She has also done voluntary work in nature conservation, as part of her Duke of Edinburgh awards, enjoying the collaboration with friends and taking away a great sense of accomplishment for being able to help the environment at a local level.

Annabel takes a deep personal interest in the environmental consequences of fast fashion and is keen to raise awareness in young people who are often unaware of how it impacts our world’s resources. She wishes to not only educate others but to help provide solutions and ways to buy sustainable and affordable alternatives.

Annabel believes that whilst climate change needs to be tackled in a number of ways, a key role in achieving our climate change goals is through education and awareness of the issues in young people, as well as the promotion of solutions, which is what she hopes to achieve through her role as a young trustee at the YPTE.

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