Team - Isabella Padt

Bella is 17 years old in her first year of 6th form at Latymer Upper School in London. For her A-levels, she is studying Economics, Geography, Latin and Maths and is planning to read Geography at University. She is a keen hockey player, playing competitively at Regional level. She also enjoys debating, having represented her school for a number of years at London regional competitions and a few National Finals. Her particular interest is in water scarcity. She is looking forward to furthering her knowledge on the impact that droughts and water extraction have on the environment and looking for sustainable solutions across the world.  
Having learnt about YPTE and its work, she is very inspired to help educate young people to understand their environment and the need for sustainability. As a volunteer in a debating club for 11 year olds, she is aware that young people are keen to understand issues relating to their world and the environment. As a Young Trustee she hopes to apply her enthusiasm and personal skills to contribute YPTE causes and help others to become involved.