Team - Janna Aljoubory

Janna is a student at Chelsea Academy who is studying Geography, Maths and Psychology. For as long as she can remember she has admired the natural world around her and this has only increased as she has become older. Her main inspiration stems from her great uncle Fakhri A. Bazzaz who was a biologist at Harvard University and co-signed a formal letter to then President Bill Clinton, labelling Climate Change as a global threat. 

She has a specific interest in marine life and states that most people usually just stare at her when her response to 'what's you're favourite animal?' is a shark! Janna has had a profound love for sharks ever since learning that they are a seriously misunderstood animal that plays an extremely vital role in keeping our oceans healthy.

Janna's future goal is a simple yet powerful one; to be part of the global movement to protect our only home, planet Earth. 

'You are the last, best hope of earth. We ask you to protect it, or we and all living things we cherish, is history' - Leonardo DiCaprio 

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