Team - Laura Hamilton

Laura is currently studying at the Godolphin and Latymer School doing A-levels in Geography, Spanish, Maths and Art and intends to study Geography and Spanish at university. She is particularly passionate about reducing the effects of deforestation and the ways in which it adversely affects not only the environment, but also the indigenous people and wildlife living within rainforest ecosystems.  She believes the solution is in encouraging more sustainable development and industrialisation, particularly in developing countries. She is currently exploring this further by writing her EPQ on the effect that the rising Peruvian economy has had on the quality of life of the Amazonian tribes living there.

Inspired by YPTE, Laura wants to raise awareness and understanding of how young people can help lead to a more sustainable future. She recently spoke at school about “Why we should stop trying to bring indigenous tribes into the Western World”, and concluded that they are not only more at risk of catching infectious diseases, but also that living in an urban area can be very psychologically damaging for them. She has talked to girls from younger years to raise their awareness and support the rights of indigenous people. As a Young Trustee, Laura hopes that her energy and communication skills can help motivate more young people to become involved and engaged with some pressing issues our environment is currently facing. 

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