Team - Ros Holness

The name Holness has been linked with the Young People’s Trust for the Environment for many years.  Ros’ broadcaster father, the late Bob Holness, (best known as the presenter of the teenage quiz show Blockbusters), was an early supporter and President of the Trust.  When invited to accompany him to one of the Trust’s Annual Awards Presentations in the early 1980’s, Ros was hooked.   Since then she’s been a hands-on volunteer at various functions and was absolutely delighted to be asked to become a Trustee in 2013.

Ros’ background is one of drama and music.  She is an Alumna of the Central School of Speech and Drama and was, therefore, doubly delighted when fellow Alumna Zoe Wanamaker CBE agreed to become a President of YPTE.  In the early  80’s Ros was a member of the all girl singing group Toto Coelo who had a chart hit with their somewhat theatrical single, ‘I Eat Cannibals’. For more than 20 years, until his death in 2012, Ros looked after her father’s career as his PA and Manager.  She now works in P.R. and hospitality.

Ros was born in South Africa, learned to swim before she could walk and has always had a real love for travel. At 18 she unexpectedly discovered she had a Great Aunt called Beryl living in Grenada, in the West Indies.  This started a long love affair with the Caribbean that is still going strong.  Through family and friends she also has a great fondness for both North and South Devon.

She is a proud mother to Lily Bea and lives in Battersea, which ticks both the boxes of being close to the river and the park.  Ros is a firm believer in the next generation’s ability to remind us all, how precious our planet really is.



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