A range of factsheets and resources which gives lots of ideas on how you can help!

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Activities on Environment and Wildlife

We get many emails from young people asking us what they can do to play a greater part in the conservation movement, and so we have compiled this l...

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Britain's Rare Flowers

Explore the UK's rare flowers, each section gives ideas about what you can do to help.  

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Climate Change Update Part 3

The problem is already here In recent years, we have seen Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013, superstorm Sandy hit New York, New Jersey ...

Conservation Education 24 - Rainforests

Imagine that you’re in a thick, dark forest. It’s very hot and sticky and the sweat soaks your t-shirt. You can hear the sound of wild animals all ...

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Could you grow your own home?

The idea of building with straw has been around for a long time, but in recent years, it has been something that only ecologically-minded Britons h...



Our planet is changing.  We need to help it change for the better and we're asking for your help to do that!

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The Anglo-Saxon word for enclosure was ‘haeg’ or gehaeg’ and this is were we get the word ‘hedge’.

How is electricity made?

Film on how electricty is made.  Take a look at how we generate electricity using coal, oil and gas, hydroelectric power and nuclear energy.  See a...


New videos now available

The two new short films, made by YPTE are on 'How electricity is made' and 'Renewable energy'.  Please take a look!



This set of lesson plans looks at rainforests, with particular focus on the Amazon.  Lesson plans are brought to life by the stunning images in the...

Renewable Energy

Find out about renewable energy, including wind turbines, tidal turbines, solar power (photovoltaics, solar heating and solar power stations) and w...

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Wildlife Areas for Schools

Schools that have begun to develop their grounds often invariably report that this has led to beneficial changes in the relationships, attitudes an...

YPTE and Corporate Sponsors

YPTE recognises and understands the challenge that sustainable development poses to today's forward thinking companies. Our non-confrontational and...

YPTE officially launches new website

This week, YPTE officially launched its new website at a Reception held at the House of Commons on 27 January.  YPTE Presidents Steve Backshall, Je...

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