A range of factsheets and resources which gives lots of ideas on how you can help!


'Climate Strike' is Word of the Year

Talking of single use, Dutch brewing company Heineken has today announced that it will be replacing single use plastic can toppers used on its mult...

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Activities on Environment and Wildlife

We get many emails from young people asking us what they can do to play a greater part in the conservation movement, and so we have compiled this l...


Andy Stanton becomes YPTE President

We are delighted to announce that Andy Stanton, whose hilarious and much-loved 'Mr Gum' books have sold more than 1.25 million copies in the UK alo...


Ban proposed on single use plastics

Cotton buds are becoming an increasing hazard in our oceans, as they are often flushed down the loo after use and end up being washed out to sea.  ...



With around 250 species of bee living here in the UK, these key pollinators make a huge impact on our lives - even if we don't always realise it!  ...

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Britain's Rare Flowers

Explore the UK's rare flowers, each section gives ideas about what you can do to help.  

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Cel Spellman becomes YPTE President

Actor and presenter Cel Spellman is really enthusiastic about how young people can help to change the world, so it's brilliant to have his support!...


Celebration of green cuisine in Paris

Yesterday, the winners of Eurostar's 'Create a Sustainable Business Dish' competition were presented with their awards at a ceremony held at the Ga...

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Climate Change Update Part 3

The problem is already here In recent years, we have seen Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013, superstorm Sandy hit New York, New Jersey ...


Climate Change for Parents: The Facts

It's really important that you've come here, because we need lots more people to realise the scale of what we are facing and get involved in creati...

Climate campaigners walk out of talks

It just two weeks since Typhoon Haiyan caused enormous devastation and thousands of deaths in the Philippines in the latest example of extreme weat...


Climate change update

The Bank of England has said that up to £16 trillion of assets could be wiped out if the current climate emergency is not tackled effectively by bu...



The rubbish we throw away everyday is polluting our Earth. A lot of this rubbish comes from our gardens and kitchens and the good news is that this...

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Conservation Education 24 - Rainforests

Imagine that you’re in a thick, dark forest. It’s very hot and sticky and the sweat soaks your t-shirt. You can hear the sound of wild animals all ...

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Could you grow your own home?

The idea of building with straw has been around for a long time, but in recent years, it has been something that only ecologically-minded Britons h...


EU backs ban on single use plastics

The ban doesn't have legal force yet.  Member states still have to back the directive before it can become law, but with voting so overwhelmingly i...


Electric Cars

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular.  In this factsheet we explore why.



Our planet is changing.  We need to help it change for the better and we're asking for your help to do that!

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Food: Fairtrade

It can be difficult for farmers in poorer countries to get a fair price for the food they produce; Fairtrade exists to address this issue. These...


Food: Farming and the Environment

As consumers we can choose to buy food that has been produced ethically and sustainably. These resources comprise a set of informative teacher n...


Food: Food Miles

The food we eat makes up about 30% of our carbon footprint.  Knowing how far it has travelled and how it has been stored is essential if we wish to...

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Food: Food Waste

Around a billion people don't have enough food to eat, yet we throw away around a third of all the food produced. These resources comprise a set...


Food: Packaging and Recycling

Our food is packaged in a variety of ways, all of which have impacts on the environment.   These resources comprise a set of informative teacher...

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Freaky Friday Facts about plastic

Eleven top plastic facts 1.  16,000 plastic bottles are made in the world EVERY SECOND! 2.  500 billion plastic bottles are made in the world E...

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Greenhouse gases at new record level

Average global CO2 levels in 2017 were 405.5 parts per million - almost 50% higher than they were before the Industrial Revolution.  WMO Secretary ...

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The Anglo-Saxon word for enclosure was ‘haeg’ or gehaeg’ and this is were we get the word ‘hedge’.

How is electricity made?

Film on how electricty is made.  Take a look at how we generate electricity using coal, oil and gas, hydroelectric power and nuclear energy.  See a...


List of Talks

The school talks service is now available again for a limited time for schools within a 30-mile radius of our office in Yeovil. To make a bookin...


New 25 year green plan announced by PM

Much of her speech to launch the plan concentrated on the issue of plastic pollution, which has come into much greater focus in recent months.  The...


New videos now available

The two new short films, made by YPTE are on 'How electricity is made' and 'Renewable energy'.  Please take a look!

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Plastic Pollution

This downloadable zipped folder contains a suite of lesson plans, for Key Stage 2 and above.  The lesson plans look at the problems caused by plast...

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Plastic Pollution

This presentation accompanies the Plastic Pollution lesson plans for Key Stage 2 and above looks at the problems caused by plastic and covers the f...

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Plastic bag charge may double

Speaking in Kenya yesterday, Mrs May said “I want to leave a greener, healthier environment for future generations, but with plastic in the sea sti...


Plastic found in tap water

New research published by Orb Media has revealed that 83% of tap water samples, taken from various sites around the world, were contaminated with m...



This set of lesson plans looks at rainforests, with particular focus on the Amazon.  Lesson plans are brought to life by the stunning images in the...

Renewable Energy

Find out about renewable energy, including wind turbines, tidal turbines, solar power (photovoltaics, solar heating and solar power stations) and w...


Scotland bans fracking

The public consultation attracted more than 65,000 responses, with 99% of replies originating from areas targeted by the fracking industry opposed ...


Single-use is 2018's word of the year

2018 has been a year for campaigning against single-use plastics, with the EU planning to bring in a ban on single-use plastics from 2021 and with ...

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Smooth snake

The smooth snake is the rarest of the three snake species found in the UK.  It can only be found in isolated areas in a few counties of southern En...

Stop Ecocide

The late Polly Higgins, Lawyer for the Earth, calls for a change to the law to criminalise Ecocide. 


Surge in demand for biomethane

There are now 98 biomethane plants in the UK, which produce methane gas using food leftovers and waste from farms, including manure and grass silag...

To Work on Two Wheels!

So, we take the train, we take the bus, or we take the car. We know that taking public transport reduces our carbon footprint, so in many cases it’...

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This suite of lessons and activities for Key Stage 2 looks at the following issues: What were the earliest types of transport? Why do so...

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Update 2019

Here's a review of what YPTE has achieved in 2019.

Wave energy

Here's a fab video from our friends at Explorium showing how wave energy gets converted into power we can use every day!


Wet wipes set for a clean-up

An analysis of these monster sewer-stoppers by Water UK, the membership body for water providers, found that the 'fatbergs' were in reality more li...


Why Plastic's Not So Fantastic

Short film on plastic, its uses, its history and why it is now presenting us with such a major environmental problem. Presented by YPTE Director Pe...

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Wildlife Areas for Schools

Schools that have begun to develop their grounds often invariably report that this has led to beneficial changes in the relationships, attitudes an...

YPTE and Corporate Sponsors

YPTE recognises and understands the challenge that sustainable development poses to today's forward thinking companies. Our non-confrontational and...

YPTE officially launches new website

This week, YPTE officially launched its new website at a Reception held at the House of Commons on 27 January.  YPTE Presidents Steve Backshall, Je...

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Young chefs need to get cooking!

Entrants have to devise a dish using sustainable, locally-sourced seasonal ingredients that can be served on Business Premier, Eurostar's highest l...

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