Find out more about the animals and plants you can find near where you live in the UK.


We discover a badger sett while on a walk in a local wood.  We find out all about how and where badgers live, what they eat and why they are so dif...

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Plants: Key Stage 1

A suite of five lesson plans with activities on Plants for Key Stage 1 children.  Areas covered: 1. How seeds & bulbs grow. 2. What plants ne...


Rocky Shore

For the study of a less familiar habitat, the rocky shore is perfect. This lesson plan enables detailed study from the classroom, but would also su...


Wildlife in your local area

The curriculum encourages children to use the local environment to explore plants and animals in their habitat. This suite of lesson plans covers t...

Woodlands in Spring

A look at the plants and flowers that grow in a deciduous woodland in the Spring.