We get many emails from young people asking us what they can do to play a greater part in the conservation movement, and so we have compiled this list of activities so that you can choose one or two interesting projects to keep you occupied and to help you learn more about wildlife and its conservation.

If you need any further information on these activities, just let us know and we will be happy to help you out.


For The Caring Conservationist

Star Fish

Learn the code: Learn your countryside code, and always use it.

Tidy up: If you are an angler, remember to tidy up after yourself. Fishing tackle can kill swans and other river birds.

Plan events: Why not try and organise a litter collection or a clean-up of a waste area near you. If you are a Brownie, Guide or Cub Scout, you may be able to get something organised through the pack.

Be careful what you buy: If you are going on a holiday this year, remember to be careful about your choice of souvenirs. If you buy ivory ornaments, coral, shells, snakeskin belts or souvenirs made of fur, you are encouraging people to go out and kill more wildlife to keep the trade going. Also, if you buy products made from some endangered species, they could be confiscated by Customs and Excise, as you need a licence if you want to import these to Britain.

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