Should animals be given more rights, to live and not suffer?



There can be no doubt that we need to look after this planet and its natural resources.

Animal RightsAt present, we are robbing our earth for its minerals, oil, timber and other natural resources. At the same time we are taking more and more land each year for the purpose of building houses, roads, factories, airports, shops, offices and farms...

Each day the world's population increases by over 228,000 individuals. This means that we increase the human population of the planet by a staggering total of one million more people every two to three days!

It has been estimated that it takes three million acres of good arable land to feed one million people - and yet we are taking vast acres of land away from agriculture each year.
The loss of land through the destruction of habitat means that an ever increasing number of plant and animal species are threatened with extinction.

Species of plants and animals which have declined in numbers to the point where they could disappear are regarded as endangered species. Other animals and plants which seem to be declining rapidly in numbers might be described as threatened species or, if laws are passed to prevent further decline, protected species.

Practically all the conservation organisations are concerned with the endangered, threatened and protected species - and tend not to become directly involved in the issues of "animal rights".

So, the conservationists, environmentalists and ecologists are really concerned with the major issues of destruction of habitat endangered species, conservation of natural resources and general environmental protection

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