Conserving wildlife and their habitats



Farming Methods

  • Use of chemicals on the land
  • Deforestation to make way for cultivated land


  • Killing animals and plants (e.g. plant collection, over fishing, over hunting, egg collecting, insect collecting).
  • Blood sports (e.g. fox hunting, badger baiting, hare coursing, wildfowling, game bird shooting). 
  • Accidental killing of plants and animals (e.g. careless fire lighters and campers, flower pickers, litter spreading etc.).


  • Building houses, factories, towns, cities and roads.
  • Disposing of the by-products of industry such as slag heaps, waste heaps, air and water pollution, dangerous chemicals and nuclear waste.
  • Using renewable materials (e.g. trees for making paper, crops, animals for food etc.). 
  • Using non-renewable resources (e.g. minerals, coal and oil).
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