Wolves are the largest wild members of the dog family. They live in packs and have to co-operate in order to survive. The Arctic Wolf is a highly resilient animal which inhabits some of the most hostile terrain on earth.


Wolves and Humans

The wolf's only real enemy is humans. The reason for their mass extermination in some areas was their discovery that sheep and cattle made good eating and were considerably easier prey than musk oxen. Understandably American farmers objected to the killing of their stock by the wolf, which was then systematically destroyed over most of its range.

Wolves are not the lone, dangerous, vicious creatures they are often portrayed as. They are simply large wild dogs doing what they have to do to survive. Experienced wolf watchers describe the wolf's outstanding characteristic as 'friendliness' They constantly demonstrate their affection for each other with licking, tail-wagging,nose licking and other gestures, some of which have been described above. This 'friendliness' is essential for a hunter who depends on teamwork and co-operation.

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