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Cambridge-based headphones brand Urbanz gives people a way to recycle broken or faulty headphones and benefit YPTE at the same time!

The waste we create when our electronic gadgets and gizmos either break or go out-of-date is a big problem.  Most e-waste (electronic waste) ends up in landfill in developing countries.  Over time, it contaminates the soil, water and air, which can lead to illnesses for people living nearby.  A study by the United Nations University has shown that by 2017, humanity's e-waste would fill a line of 40-tonne trucks all the way to Australia and most of the way back again!

Did you know that over 280 million headphones are sold worldwide each year?  If they break or become faulty, most are just thrown away.  Now Urbanz Headphones is teaming up with YPTE to give people a great way to help reduce their e-waste by recycling their headphones while helping YPTE at the same time.

If you have a faulty set of headphones or earphones that you would like to dispose of ethicially, simply visit to request return information.  For every 500 headphones received through this scheme, Urbanz will donate £100 to YPTE, so it's a great way to help the planet while helping YPTE to encourage more young people to learn about our world and how their actions can affect it.  To find out more about Urbanz Headphones, please visit

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