Team - Amy Jiang

Amy is a lower sixth student at Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith and currently studying Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Mandarin at A Levels. She plans on taking Environmental Science at university and has been interested in the environment from a very young age, having witnessed firsthand the direct consequences of climate change and global warming in her yearly visits to China to visit her relatives. 

As well as this, Amy is particularly interested in animals and did her Public Speaking topic on whether zoos and safaris should be banned worldwide. She has visited the majority of zoos in the UK and a few abroad in order to inspect their conservational efforts and the animal's conditions. On one occasion she wrote a letter to the AZA demanding a response to the repeated maltreatment of the orcas at SeaWorld in Orlando and San Diego that subsequently led to multiple human casualties. 

Amy hopes that becoming a Young Trustee at YPTE will help her raise awareness of animal welfare and environmental issues to people in China and the rest of the world, and to make our planet a better and more sustainable place for all living creatures, big or small.

'The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.' -Jane Goodall 

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