Team - Charlotte Boggon

Charlotte is an upper sixth student studying at Old Palace of John Whitgift School in Croydon. She is studying Geography, English Literature, Maths and Biology for her A-levels and is hoping to study Geography at university.  

In 2019 she attended a school strike for climate change to try and put pressure on the government to prioritise tackling climate change. Since then she has helped run a geography club and organised a school assembly on the climate crisis in order to encourage sustainable action. She has also lead activities on plastic pollution and recycling at her local Brownie unit as she believes discussing environmental issues with young children is important. 

Charlotte is one of the winners of the 2,000 Words to Change the World essay writing competition, where she answered, “How can we work together to limit global temperature increases?”. In her essay she discussed issues such as the role of TNCs and governments in impacting global temperatures.  

As a young trustee she hopes she can learn more about environmental concerns and take more action with young people to combat the climate crisis.