Team - Chris Jones

Chris became a trustee of YPTE in 2014 after having been involved with the charity since the age of 10, when his sister won a Young Environmentalist of the Year award and treated him to an environmental discovery holiday in Dorset, all run and organised by YPTE.  Since then he has seen all aspects of YPTE’s work and to not be outdone by his sister, also managed to win a Young Environmentalist of the Year Award.  

His experience with the charity has stuck with him since day one and he feels privileged to still be involved.  The environmental discovery courses in Dorset were a great way to meet like-minded friends, learn about the precious environment in which we live and kindled his ongoing interest in the outdoors and the environment.  Lasting friendships were forged through involvement with YPTE and he is still in touch with several of the people met on those courses 20 years ago.  

As a student Chris continued his involvement with YPTE by helping as a leader on the environmental discovery courses; taking groups of children out into the wild to pass on many of the interesting facts about their surroundings and the importance of protecting the world in which they live, that he picked up when he attended the courses himself.

During his gap year Chris was very fortunate to win an environmental Millennium Award.  This provided a sizeable sum of money to design and build a wildlife garden in his old primary school, alongside enabling the creation of educational material for use by the school pupils, to maximise their benefit from the garden. 

After studying for a degree in Management at Southampton University, Chris worked in the coatings industry for AkzoNobel for eight years, getting involved in a variety of sales and marketing roles, before becoming a country manager for the UK, Ireland and South Africa in the Marine and Protective Coatings Division.

He has recently set up his own business, advising on and implementing projects relating to sales, marketing and customer service.  Alongside his work, Chris enjoys traveling, cycling and running.  

Chris is married to Fulya and has two small children who he hopes will grow up to share his enthusiasm for the world in which we live.

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