Team - Ellayna Taylor

Ellayna is a lower sixth student at Hills Road Sixth Form College. She is studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography for her A Levels and is hoping to study a degree in Biology or Natural Science at university. 

Through her upbringing, Ellayna has grown up with the idea to take care of the planet. This led her to look for environmental literature on how to best do this and reduce her environmental footprint. However, upon finding no books that were targeted towards teenagers, she decided to write her own book titled ‘How to Fix the Planet (When You’re a Teenager)’, under the pen name ‘Jen Zead’. The book aims to give teenagers advice on how to minimise their ownenvironmental footprint at home, covering food, fast fashion and everything in between. 

As well as the topics mentioned in her book, Ellayna is also passionate about the natural world and raising awareness about the relation between gender equality and climate change. 

Through her role as a Young Trustee, Ellayna hopes to learn more about different environmental issues, and educate young people on the power that they have as individuals to make a positive difference on our planet.

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