Team - Lela Tamana

Lela is a lower sixth student studying at Brampton Manor Academy in East Ham.  She is studying Geography, English Literature and Sociology for her A' levels and aims to study either Politics or Geography at University.  Through her studies, she hopes to expand her knowledge on our current environmental state to understand how she can play a personal role in adapting towards a greener and more sustainable future for our planet.

Lela's family originates from the state of Ogoniland in Nigeria, which has experienced vast amounts of environmental degradation resulting from oil extraction.  The plight and pain experienced by the Ogoniland people is tragic, with the contamination of water supplies in a community heavily dependent on fishing, both for food and their livelihood. Projects, led by global corporations have led to  serious environmental issues in the region.  Lela wants to educate others on the growing risk of TNC’s and globalisation to our environment as it’s a matter that she is deeply passionate about. 

Lela believes that her role as Young trustee will enhance her knowledge of environmental issues as well as providing her with a platform to highlight the issues in countries like Nigeria.

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