Team - Miles Mizen

Miles is in the 6th form at St. Paul’s School in London. He is studying Geography, French and German and is intent on pursuing his interest in Geography at university. He developed a passion for environmental issues and wildlife conservation early on, and has since pursued these interests through field trips, including one to Costa Rica.  Now his particular focus is on the development of sustainable energy and how this can be used to tackle modern day issues, such as giving people access to energy worldwide.

At St. Paul’s he is the Vice President of the Geography Society, which aims to educate pupils in every year group at St. Paul’s about geographical topics of interest beyond the school curriculum, and to shed some light on current fields of research.

He hopes that being a part of YPTE will allow him to better understand the environmental impacts faced today while also using his enthusiasm to help raise awareness for the subject and the necessity for a new generational approach to such issues.

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