Team - Sinclair Dobbs

Sinclair is a lower sixth student studying at Dulwich College in south-east London. He is studying Economics, Geography and Maths for A-level and is hoping to study Geography at university.

From an early age, Sinclair has loved playing sports – especially tennis and football – while immersed in nature and then became aware of the human impact on the environment. In his second year at Dulwich College, he founded the sustainability and climate change society to spread awareness and make sure that his school was adapting to a greener future. He has also started his own business with friends that aims to teach young children about the benefits of composting in a fun and unique way.

Sinclair is particularly interested in the role of food in the near future. He has researched alternative meat products such as Beyond meat and delivered numerous talks both in and out of school about its incredible benefits to the environment while, still providing the nutritional factors needed for a healthy lifestyle. In the future, he hopes further his understanding by doing some work experience at a cultured-meat lab.

Through Sinclair's position at YPTE, he hopes to continue learning about the climate crisis while finding new ways to spread awareness to young people to ensure the planet will always be a suitable place for us to live.

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