Team - Sophie Price

Sophie is a lower sixth student at Godolphin and Latymer studying the IB diploma programme. She is currently taking Physics, Geography, Maths, Spanish at higher level and Biology and English at standard level.

From a young age, Sophie has loved spending time immersed in nature and is fascinated by the diversity of life on earth. However, for a long time she has been very concerned about the human impact on the planet, and especially the oceans. In July 2019 Sophie participated in a student-led expedition to Malaysia and Borneo which involved volunteering at a turtle hatchery, educating visitors about the threats to the turtle population and trekking through remote Bornean rainforest. The highlight of her trip was witnessing hundreds of hatchlings make their way to the water during a night shift.

Sophie is particularly passionate about combining her interest in sustainable science and technology in order to combat environmental problems. Appalled by the growing microplastic pollution she researched and designed a device which aims to ameliorate the problem; the design was a finalist in the UK Junior Water Prize. In the future, she hopes to find more innovative solutions to environmental problems that will help benefit our planet.

Through the position of Young Trustee Sophie hopes that she can help impart some of her passion for the natural environment to young people and highlight how important it is for younger generations to take an active role caring for the environment. 

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