We humans not only live in the biosphere but are absolutely dependent upon it for almost every aspect of our existence. 


Why do we Keep Harming the Biosphere?

Many industries which are bad for the environment cannot simply stop. This would put hundreds of thousands of people around the world out of work. Governments will not agree to take part in schemes which will reduce harm to the environment but which will also seriously damage the economies of their countries. Progress towards reducing harm to the environment is therefore likely to be slow and steady, rather than dramatic and swift, especially in the developing countries of the world, where environmental damage is increasing rapidly as they struggle to catch up industrially with the economies of the West.

Another important factor is that people don't know what to do about this. They may well be concerned about the environment, but not do anything to help it themselves. Many see that it is the government's responsibility to make big changes, others believe that technology will save the day. But really we are all responsible for the lives that we lead and the choices that we make on a day to day basis.

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