On 20 June 2012 many young people, scientists, academics, politicians and others met at a very special event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Tree'Rio+20' is a nickname for the meeting more formally known as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.  Twenty years ago in 1992 the first and largest ever major environmental meeting was held by the United Nations (UN), this meeting was called the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.

Firstly, what is the UN?  The UN is an organisation made up of countries from all over the world which helps in all matters of security, finance, human rights and more with the aim of achieving peace and friendship between nations throughout the world.  

Crowd of PeopleWhat does this meeting mean for the world and our future?  This meeting is an opportunity for world leaders to set targets and make changes that affect the whole world, including its people, animals and environment.  This time the focus is on sustainable development which is a massive topic that covers a whole range of industries and ideas.  In particular scientists from many countries would like issues of population and consumption to be a main focus.

To find out more about Rio+20 visit their website -

To join the youth movement visit the Road to Rio website.


Image: Rio+20 by Blog do Planalto

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