About Us

The Young People's Trust for the Environment’s mission is to provide young people and the wider public with information and educational materials regarding all kinds of environmental issues.  We endeavour to provide balanced, factual information; working closely with schools and teachers to disseminate our materials to as wide an audience of young people as possible.  In this way we encourage young people to form opinions of their own on the best actions to take for the benefit of the environment.  

In addition, we support and encourage any young people who wish to respectfully question policies and/ or argue against decisions that either have or will have clear detrimental impacts on the natural world.  While we will support young people who are taking positive action to improve the environment, we will not in any way promote or condone any kind of disruptive behaviour or civil disobedience.  

Our ultimate aim is to enthuse and encourage future generations to treat the planet with greater respect than those that have preceded them and to adopt more sustainable ways of living.