As its name suggests, the common lizard is the most common reptile in the UK and is Ireland’s only native reptile.



Photo by Iain LeachOrder: Squamata

Family: Lacertidae

Species: Zootoca vivipara

IUCN Red List Status:  Least concern.

Distribution:   Found in a wide range of habitats across the UK, except Channel Islands, Scilly Islands and Scottish islands.  Extremely widespread across northern, western, central and eastern Europe across most of northern Asia to China and Hokkaido Island, Japan.

Habitat:  Highly versatile and unfussy, found in woodland, grassland, heathland and moorland. Sometimes seen in gardens and on dry stone walls.

Life-span:  About 6 years.

Size:  Adults up to 15cm long including tail.  Weight: 5g.

Description:  Normally brown with stripes or spots, but can also be yellowish, green or completely black.  Males have yellow/ orange belly with black spots. Females have pale, unspotted belly. Very fast-moving when disturbed.

Food:  Invertebrates, such as insects, slugs and worms.

Photo by Iain Leach.

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