This suite of lesson plans explores the Sahara - the largest hot desert on Earth.  It also looks at the spread of the Sahara into the Sahel and the resulting challenges for those who live there.  Designed to be used alongside the included Powerpoint presentation which will help bring this unique region to life in the classroom.  Aimed at Key Stages 2 and 3, but can be adapted to suit all ages.  Includes a comprehensive glossary of key terms, together with suggested activities for students.  Key areas covered include:

  • Where are the hot and cold areas on Earth and why?
  • What is a desert?
  • Where are the hot deserts located and why?
  • What is it like in the Sahara?
  • How are plants and animals in the Sahara adapted to the hostile environment?
  • How are humans affecting the Sahara?
         - Desertification in the Sahel 
         - Tourism and hunting

Last updated 25/08/2020

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