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Thanks to support from the Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, we have produced this set of classroom reference guides to the regions of Sussex, for use in Sussex schools.  This classroom guide to the wildlife, habitats of the Coastal Plain and how humans have impacted upon it is a zipped folder containing a set of teaching notes and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation, filled with inspiring and informative images.  Also included are some suggestions for activities linked to the Science National Curriculum.  Topics covered are:

  1. Introduction to Sussex - location, history, size, sub-regions

  2. Geography of the coastal plain - landscape, climate and habitats

  3. Protecting the Sussex coast

  4. Plants and animals of the Sussex coast (by habitat)

  5. Human impact: tourism on the Sussex coast

  6. Suggested activities linked to the Science National Curriculum

Download Lesson Plan & Presentation (82.6 MB)

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