Our new essay writing challenge for 15 to 18 year-olds, '2,000 Words to Change the World' produced lots of extremely impressive essays, written on one of four key topics: climate change; sustainable development; responsible travel; and reducing waste. In its first year, 2,000 Words to Change the World has been sponsored by Eurostar.

The idea for the competition came from Jemma and Amy, two of YPTE's Young Trustees.  They were certain that the competition would appeal to a lot of young people, and they were right!  Originally, there was to be one overall winner, but we were amazed by the quality of the entries we received from a large number of young people, who wrote really well-considered answers to the questions posed.  In the end, the judging panel, which included Dr Francesco Muschitiello from the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge, couldn't choose between the best two entries.  So we decided, with the kind permission of Eurostar to have two winners!

Congratulations to Charlotte Boggon aged 16 and Kirsty Reed, aged 17, who are the first ever winners of 2,000 Words to Change the World.    The quality of their work was outstanding and they both produced some very effective arguments and some fantastic ideas for possible solutions to two of the key environmental issues we face today.  Charlotte chose to write about how we can tackle climate change, whilst Kirsty addressed how it may be possible to live more sustainably.

You can read Charlotte and Kirsty's essays by clicking on the links below.

Read Charlotte's essay

Read Kirsty's essay