Endurance runners Charlie Lickiss and Archie Parks completed their run to the equivalent height of Mount Everest in the early hours of this morning.

If someone told you they were climbing to the top of Mount Everest, right here in Dorset, you’d probably think they were a bit mad.  Well, guess what?  That’s exactly what  Charlie Lickiss and his friend Archie Parks have just done.  What’s more, they did it in aid of the Young People’s Trust for the Environment.

Their substitute for Mount Everest was Hambledon Hill, the summit of which is 192 metres above sea level.  If you’ve ever been up there, you’ll know it’s tall, steep and a tough climb, but it’s not exactly the Himalayas!   So to climb the equivalent height of Mount Everest, Charlie and Archie ran up and down Hambledon Hill - a lot - starting at 3pm on the 6th and finishing at 00:46 in the morning of 8 August.  They covered a distance of 168km whist reaching the 8,848 metre equivalent of climbing Everest.  That’s about four Marathons in distance and the equivalent of running up and down Snowdon EIGHT times!

Both runners are veterans of endurance racing.

“We are both passionate about the environment and outdoor sports, so we wanted to take on a challenge that incorporated both of those things", said Charlie.  He went on to say, “The work Peter and the team do at the YPTE is amazing, so we wanted to show our support doing what we love!”.

Charlie and Archie’s GoFundMe page is still open and can be found at

You can listen to Charlie and Archie in conversation on the YPTE Podcast in the weeks before their Everest Challenge here: