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A lot has been going on during the last week on the topic of climate change. The Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has warned that companies and industries that are not heading towards a zero carbon future will be affected by investor pull-outs and risk going bankrupt.

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Since the start of 2019, the number of wildfires burning in Brazil's Amazon rainforest has increased by 84%. There were around 40,000 fires in the Brazilian Amazon between 1 January and 21 August 2018. In the same period this year, that number has increased to around 75,000. The smoke from the fires can be seen from space.

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A new survey, commissioned by Christian Aid, has found that 71% of the UK public believed that climate change was a more important issue than Brexit.  Two thirds of those asked beleieved that Bexit should be at the top of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s political agenda, while 60% felt that the government was not doing enough to tackle climate change.

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The Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the government’s panel of official advisers on climate change stated yesterday that the UK government needs to set a legally binding target to cut our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. ‘Net zero’ recognises that we will still be burning some fossil fuels, for example for flying, whilst emissions arise from farming too, but that these emissions would be counteracted by the planting of trees or by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from power stations and factories, which could then be buried underground.

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