Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ is being supported by the government as a means of giving the UK energy security for decades to come.  However, many people aren’t happy about fracking and a lot of environmental campaigners believe that no fracking should take place at all.  They argue that there are significant environmental downsides to fracking and that renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy should be replacing oil, gas and coal as quickly as possible to limit the impacts of climate change.

No relaxation of fracking regulations

A spokesman said on behalf of the government, “We set these regulations in consultation with industry and we have no plans to review them." Acco...


Scotland bans fracking

The public consultation attracted more than 65,000 responses, with 99% of replies originating from areas targeted by the fracking industry opposed ...

UK fracking gets the green light

Shale gas is found deep in the layers of sedimentary rocks like, generally several kilometres underground.  There is an estimated 200 trillion cubi...

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