Our home learning packs have been compiled by the Young People’s Trust for the Environment to support parents and carers whilst their children are at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

We will be producing a new pack each week, to be released every Friday for the duration of the lockdown.  Home Learning Packs will include suggestions for activities you can do alongside your children, as well as those that they can do independently, whilst you are working from home.

We will attempt to suggest activities which require no special materials other than those you may find around the house. It may be possible to pick up some resources during your occasional shop for essentials but please do not aim to shop specifically for listed supplies!  We will also attempt to minimise the need to print out any materials. 

We’d love to hear your suggestions for making the packs more useful for you, or your children’s ideas for future topics. You can follow us on Facebook at
https://www.facebook.com/WeAreYPTE/  on Twitter @YPTE or on Instagram @weareypte. You can share your pictures with us using #yptelearning

In your pack each week:

  • Open ended project ideas and research topics
  • Activities to explore independently or together 
  • Games to play
  • Ideas for science experiments
  • Art and craft ideas
  • Links to other learning resources
  • A use each week for toilet roll tubes…

Home Learning Packs are supported by Total.

Home Learning Pack: Energy and Power

Here are some amazing ideas for learning and activities focused on how we can make and use energy.  Try making your own circuit using a pencil and ...

Home Learning Pack: Dinosaurs

Loads of fantastic ideas for learning and investigation, activities, games, arts and crafts for learning about dinosaurs.  All that and some Maths ...

Home Learning Pack: Dramatic Earth

With volcanoes and earthquakes, planet Earth gets up to some pretty dramatic stuff every year!  This new Home Learning Pack gives you some fantasti...

Home Learning Pack: Plants

Supporting parents and carers during the Covid-19 lockdown Our home learning packs have been compiled by the Young People’s Trust for the Enviro...

Home Learning Pack: Rainforests

Some fantastic ideas for games, arts and crafts, learning activities and lots more to help you and your children learn about our amazing rainforest...

Home Learning Pack: Rocks and Minerals

Find out more about rocks and minerals with this exciting Home Learning Pack.  Learn about the difference between sedimentary, igneous and metamorp...

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