Plastic has only been in production for a little over 100 years, but the scary thing about it is that it doesn't rot away naturally.  That means that all the plastic ever made is still somewhere on our planet's surface, whether on the land,  in the ground or in our rivers, lakes and  oceans.


Ban proposed on single use plastics

Cotton buds are becoming an increasing hazard in our oceans, as they are often flushed down the loo after use and end up being washed out to sea.  ...

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Freaky Friday Facts about plastic

Eleven top plastic facts 1.  16,000 plastic bottles are made in the world EVERY SECOND! 2.  500 billion plastic bottles are made in the world E...


List of Talks

The school talks service is now available again for a limited time for schools within a 30-mile radius of our office in Yeovil. To make a bookin...

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Oceans of plastic

The new findings were released at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting.  The amount of plastic reaching the oce...

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Plastic Pollution

This downloadable zipped folder contains a suite of lesson plans, for Key Stage 2 and above.  The lesson plans look at the problems caused by plast...

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Plastic bag charge may double

Speaking in Kenya yesterday, Mrs May said “I want to leave a greener, healthier environment for future generations, but with plastic in the sea sti...


Plastic found in tap water

New research published by Orb Media has revealed that 83% of tap water samples, taken from various sites around the world, were contaminated with m...


UK MPs call for ban on microplastics

Huge numbers of tiny pieces of plastic are building up in our oceans, lakes and estuaries.  Microbeads are very small pieces of plastic, which are ...


Why Plastic's Not So Fantastic

Short film on plastic, its uses, its history and why it is now presenting us with such a major environmental problem. Presented by YPTE Director Pe...

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