We've produced a number of videos to educate young people on the importance of understanding the need for sustainability and looking after our environment.

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Making bioplastic with Noah

Noah had a go at making some bioplastic. Find out how he got on in this video that he produced for YPTE, created in collaboration with Explorium, L...

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Zephan's Nature Garden

Zephan has been making his garden more nature-friendly.  Find out how in his fantastic video that he produced for YPTE, created in collaboration wi...

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How to make bioplastic

Alaska (age 12) shows you how to make bioplastic in this video she made herself.   Created in collaboration with Explorium, Lights On® Jam.

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Humans and Nature

In his video, Essie explains how human actions can affect wildlife. Created in collaboration with Explorium, Lights On® Jam.

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Video on food chains

Arthur explains food chains and why removing keystone species like turtles can make a big difference to a marine ecosystem.  Created in collaborati...

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