The common long-eared bat is the second most common bat in the UK and is a highly agile hunter, using its unusually large ears to listen for prey.



The long eared bat is found across the UK (apart from the most mountainous regions of  northern Scotland) and all over Eurasia from Spain, to Japan and India.

In summer time, the long-eared bat can most commonly be found roosting in hollow trees at the edge of gardens, parks or woodlands. They can also be found gathered along the beams of large roof spaces in stables, barns, and old buildings. 

The long eared bat hibernates from mid October to early April in caves, mine shafts, hollow trees, and under roofs, where their roosting spots can can often be indicated by stains on the beams. They prefer to hibernate in very cold temperatures, just above freezing. They will also willingly use bat boxes for hibernation and sometimes breeding.

Photo: Rauno Kalda

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