Smooth snakes are extremely rare in this country and you are unlikely to see one. They live only in a few isolated areas of heathland in Southern England.



Illustration of a Smooth SnakeSize: up to 75cm.

Life-span: Up to 20 years.

Food: Mainly lizards, sometimes young snakes and small mammals.

Breeding season: Spring. 3 to 15 young are born fully developed in mid summer.

Distribution: Areas of southwest Britain, in western Europe from Spain to Scandinavia, also in western Asia and the Balkans.

Habitat: Dry, sunny places in open woods, heaths and along banks. Up to 2,000 metres in mountains. Mostly near water supply.

Description: The male smooth snake is brownish in colour, the female is greyish, and both have 2-4 rows of dark grey-brown spots which may join in crossbars along the back. Both are slimly built, with oval-shaped heads and rounded eyes and pupils. The scales on the back are entirely smooth, and arranged in 19 rows.

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