The Met Office has confirmed that temperatures of 32.8ºC (91ºF) have been recorded today at both Kew Gardens and Heathrow Airport, while Gravesend in Kent the temperature has reached 34.4ºC (93.9ºF).

Other parts of the country have seen considerably lower temperatures, with thunder storms affecting the southwest in particular in the morning.

Today's temperatures are still  below the UK's record for September.  That was set in September 1906, when Bawtry in South Yorkshire reached 35.6ºC (96.1ºF).

A large area of high pressure over northern Europe has caused southerly winds to push warm air from the south up towards the UK.  Whilst it will be cooler tomorrow, the very high temperatures are likely to remain with us until Friday.

Photo:  The Palm House at Kew Gardens, by Dun.can.

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