The common long-eared bat is the second most common bat in the UK and is a highly agile hunter, using its unusually large ears to listen for prey.



Order: Chiroptera

Family: Vespertilionidae

Species: Plecotus auritus

IUCN Red List Status: Least concern

Also known as the Brown Big-eared Bat.

Distribution: Widespread throughout Ireland and Britain, except for Northern Scotland and the Western Isles. Also throughout Europe from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia.

Habitat: Trees and bushes, including in inhabited areas. Can be found in cellars and stables during the winter, and in hollow trees, steeples and lofts in summer.

Size: Body length 41-51mm; wingspan up to 28.5cm.

Weight: 5-10g.

Life Span: 4 - 5 years

Gestation: 60 - 70 days

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