The wild boar lives in a family party that has a territory of 10 - 20 sq km but in the autumn, family groups come together to form herds of up to 50 females and youngsters. 



Brian Gratwicke - Flickr - CC BY 2.0Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Suidae

Species: Sus scrofa

Distribution: Europe, N. Africa, Asia, Sumatra, Japan, Taiwan. Introduced into N. America. Semi-wild pigs live in North and South America, Australia & New Zealand.

Habitat: Broad-leaved woodland & wild grassland areas.

Description: Pale grey to brown or black in colour; thick hide with sparse bristles and some finer hairs. Tusks (enlarged canine teeth) - larger in the male.

Size: Length of body and head: 90 - 180cm: length of tail: 30 - 40cm: weight: 50 - 200kg.

Life-span: 15 -20 years.

Food: Roots, fruits, nuts, fungi, insects, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, birds, carrion. Domesticated pigs are descended from the wild boar which has passed on many of its characteristics, although it is much slimmer, tougher and more agile than the average farmyard pig!

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