The rubbish we throw away everyday is polluting our Earth. A lot of this rubbish comes from our gardens and kitchens and the good news is that this type of natural waste can be easily composted.  Composting is a natural process that involves controlling the decomposition (breakdown) of natural waste and recycling it into a valuable fertiliser for our gardens.  



Compost doesn’t look like the compost you can buy in shops and has twigs and egg shells in it.  This is normal and nothing to worry out - just sift out any larger bits and return to the bin.

Compost is wet, slimy and strong smelling. This is often caused by too little air and too much water, sometimes as a result of adding too much of a green material such as grass clippings.  Ensure the heap is covered to protect it from the rain and add brown waste e.g. paper, straw.  

Compost is dry and fibrous with little rotting.  This is usually caused by too little moisture and too much brown material.  Add more green waste.

Compost is taking a very long time to be ready - not turning the heap often enough is the main cause of poor/slow results.

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